Design of a new app—Swoot, the front page of your team


Late in 2016 I joined a 3 person start-up called Swoot to lead the design of a new team collaboration tool. Swoot set out to become the front page of your team. The app would be for your team (and company) to write updates about projects, promotions in the company, news and announcements about the company, etc.

Design directions

Here are a bunch of exports from different design directions I worked on.

Final designs

We landed on this direction for the alpha launch. Simple and clean with a little bit of fun (friendlier icons, color stripe, logo).

Onboarding flow

Bonus: macOS app

We started exploring all kinds of different app ideas. This was one of them for macOS. Similar to Swoot on the web but with a lighter-weight compose window and explicit post types in the sidebar.

Marketing site

Version 1 and 2 of the marketing site that we had up to get customers on our alpha version.